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Based in Italy (Milan), Blue Gold with a disruptive solution to tackle water challenges, is ranked among the 750 Italian registered Innovative SME’s.

Integrating innovative algorithms with engineered Internet of Things devices, Blue Gold acquires flow and pressure measures from the network, providing valuable information to water utilities in order to reduce water losses through the pre-localization and prioritization of repair, the alignment of water pressure level to the real needs of the network, and the pipe’s renovation plan in the network based on “energy consumption” priorities.

Our products and services

Blue Gold provides turnkey solutions to water utility companies in order to reach the optimal “energy status” of their water distribution networks.

According to the level of accuracy that customers want to target, Blue Gold offers a unique “tailor made” solution to tackle the water stress and energy challenges due to water leakages, pressure management and obsolescence of the infrastructures.

Aligned with Blue Gold Mission and Vision, all the activities have a strong environmental impact preserving water resources and reducing CO2 emissions.

Pre locating and cutting down the volume of water leaks, modulating the pressure level in pump stations and PRVs (Pressure Redicing Valves) following the network needs, prioritizing the substitution of the pipes that burn the highest amount of energy, all Blue Gold's services reduce both energy and treatment costs, optimizing the level of service and improve the quality of the environment.

Business Analysis Consultancy

Every project starts with an analisys of the status of the network and a demostration of Blue Gold solution.

The first step of the analisys is always the assessment of the network which define the strategy for the optimization of every network and includes:

  • Evolved Network Modelling of the water distribution systems

  • Definition of the Points of Measure according with the customer needs and expectations

  • Blue Gold's instruments with connectivity and measure services (on cloud)

  • Definition of the baseline of the water distribution systems

  • Asset's assessment or audit (on request)

  • Definition of the priorities of the network to solve main problems

  • Pressure and Leakage management plan

  • NIP – Network Investment Plan

Among the added value consultancy services, Blue Gold offers:

  • Industry 4.0 advisory

  • SROI - Social ROI calculation and impact evaluation

  • White certification scheme

  • Training

Network monitoring and Measure

Thanks to the redesigned an innovative device for Internet of Things applications, Blue Gold can offer competitive monitoring services in water distribution networks.

Service, which usually is long term with 3 years monthly fee contracts, is quoted for point of measure, and includes:

  • Instrument (if not purchased) 
  • Connection kit
  • Measure (web service or physical server on site)

Blue Gold's platform, including instruments and measures, is naturally concepted to be connected with customer's existing systems

Making Internet of Things

According to the definition of Internet of Things, Blue Gold's cloud platform connect and integrate different devices installed in water networks: from innovative datalogger that acquire pressures and customer's consumptions, to the controllers installed in pump stations or PRVs (Pressure Reducing Valves).

Targetting energy efficiency goals, Blue Gold redesigned an innovative Made in Italy device for massive installations. Main characterichs are small dimension, low power, plug&play (quick to install and low cost of installation), high customization for frequency of data acquisition and transmission, IoT protocols (GSM/GPRS withcustomized modems for different countries, Narrowband IoT, LoraWan, Sigfox)

Blue Gold's offering model for devices is for both purchase and fleet management

Energy optimization services

Service is quoted for km of network monitored and includes:

  • Hydraulic modeling on EPANET and calibration
  • Devices with connection kit (if not purchased)
  • Network monitoring and measure (web service or physical server on site)
  • Pre location of Leakage area
  • Energy management of the network
  • Economic impacts of savings

Standard quotation is for long term periods (3 years) with a monthly fee contract


Andrea Delogu

CEO & Founder of Blue Gold

Mattia Lanzani

Jr. water resource engineer

Alessandro Delogu

Field operation manager

Mona Bavar

Marketing & International Business Developer

Gian Giuseppe Soma

PhD - R&D business partner

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