Turnkey solution

Turnkey solutionEvery customer has their own story with different challenges.

To support customers with their challenges, Blue Gold has developed a flexible turnkey offer including Energy Optimization & Sustainability services and instruments.

Blue Gold technology is a combination of instruments and service platform that our customers can access at different levels according to their needs and priorities.

Blue Gold cloud services allow water companies to reduce within their distribution systems water losses with LAI – Leakage Area Identification service, to optimize pressure levels of the pump stations with APC – Advanced Pressure Control service and to replace the pipes with high energy consumption with NIP – Network Investment Plan consultancy.

The level of accuracy of the information provided by Blue Gold services is strictly related to the number of instruments installed in the network.

The flexibility of Blue Gold service platform allows customers to connect not only with Blue Gold instruments, but also with instruments already in the market, maximizing the investments already made.

Blue Gold's challenge has been to engineer a cost effective device for massive installation. Winning a grant from Milan Chambre of Commerce, with Rabdo, the first IOT pressure logger, Blue Gold has achieved this challenge.

Download the data sheet of Blue Gold IOT device Rabdo

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