Energy Optimization and Sustainability

Energy Optimization and SustainabilityThe innovative Blue Gold Energy Optimization & Sustainability service’s maximizes the Return On Investment of water utilities activities and investments.

Blue Gold and the water utilities working together in the distribution system reducing water losses with LAI – Leakage Area Identification service, optimizing pressure level of the pump stations with APC – Advanced Pressure Control service and replacing the pipes with high energy consumption with NIP – Network Investment Plan consultancy, “move” water supply from an inefficient way to work to the energetically optimum.

Aligned with Blue Gold vision and mission, all of our activities have a strong environmental impact.

Preserving water resources and cutting down energy consumptions due to water loss in the pipes during the distribution, Blue Gold services reduce CO2 emissions in the environment.

With Energy Optimization & Sustainability service, Blue Gold provide to the customers

ENeMo - Evolved Network Modeling

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