Non-Revenue Water

Water is a natural resource provided by nature but tremendous investment goes into providing clean water that is of a quality good enough to drink and use within our homes, in industries and in agriculture. In many cities across the world, such infrastructure was developed several hundred years or at least many decades ago. In most cases, cities have long past outgrown the water infrastructure that was put in place long ago. However, renewing all the pipes and related infrastructure is very expensive.

Most water utilities end up with a percentage of ‘produced’ water that is lost before it reaches the customer. Such wasted water is termed as Non-Revenue Water (NRW). This could be due to various reasons such as leaks in pipes, burst pipes, theft or even metering inaccuracies, data-handling errors or under-registration of customer meters. NRW affects both the quality of water as well as impacts the financial viability of water utility providers.

A rapidly urbanizing world can further strain our scarce fresh water supplies. When we choose to seek newer and newer sources of supply instead of plugging the gaps in our existing systems, we put further strain on our natural systems which are already threatened by climate change.

Blue Gold can provide sophisticated solutions that minimise disruptions and help water utilities accurately pinpoint the location where repair is required. This not only helps conserve our precious water resources but also improves the financial viability of water utilities.

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