Working for a clean and sustainable future

Blue Gold is an italian innovative company helping water utilities to improve network efficiency and prioritize future decisions.
Using its own sophisticated algorithms and advanced hydraulic models, Blue Gold analyzes the flow and pressure data from instruments installed in the network in order to provide water utility companies information for reducing operational costs and optimizing service performance.
Based on energy optimization, Blue Gold delivers information service as a combination of three activities:

  • Reduction of water losses through the localization and prioritization of repair
  • Alignment of the pressure according to the real needs of the network
  • Management of the infrastructure which enables operators to plan investments for the replacement of pipes in the network which increase the energy loss during water distribution

Mission Statement

Preserving WATER resources we want to build a cleaner and more sustainable future.
We are the best partner for every water utility company because we provide smart and valuable solutions for the energy optimization of water distribution networks as well as the reduction of water leaks and CO2 emissions.

Our People

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